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Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè

Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano


Curatore-editor: Luigi Odello

Hanno collaborato: with the kind assistance of

Per i testi – for the text: Barbara Chiassai, Gabriella Gazzani, Luigi Odello, Alessandra Stocco, Alberto Ugolini.

Si ringraziano per la preziosa revisione editoriale e tecnica: We would like ot thank the following for their kind assistance in the editorial and technical revision: Gerlando Maggiordomo, Maurizio Barbi, Vittorio Scagliarini, Sergio Cantoni, Davide Tomasoni, Graziano Picco, Gianluigi Sora, Renzo Maestroni, Angelo Vezzoli, Michela Beltrami, Valentina Nardello, Diego Odello.

Traduttore – Translator Robert Coates

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L’Assaggio n. 9 – Novembre 2003 – Supplemento ordinario al trimestrale L’Assaggio n. 3/2003.

Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Brescia n. 36 del 10 Ottobre 1985. Direttore responsabile: Luigi Odello – Editore: Centro Studi Assaggiatori, Galleria V Veneto 9 – 25125 Brescia (Italy) – Stampa: Artigianelli SpA Via E. Ferri 73, 25123 Brescia (Italy) – © Luigi Odello

1 Edizione: Novembre 2003 1st Edition: November 2003

I Ristampa: Dicembre 2006 1st Reprint. December 2006

Ristampa: Ottobre 2008 2nd Reprint. October 2008

Содержание книги.

Sensory recognition and certification of “Italian espresso”

The proof of the final judgement: the consumer

The quality profile

Even tasters have a soul

What creates preference in espresso coffee?

Consumers and tasters: how the quality models were made

The Italian Espresso Certificate: quality which respects diversity

Certification and conformity guarantee

The Italian Espresso Specialist: a guarantee of quality

The roles and responsibility of the Italian Espresso Specialist

The training scheme of the Italian Espresso Specialist

Objective and philosophy


What not to forget

The diagnosis of quality in the cup

Truth and misconceptions of espresso

Nothing escapes the aroma test

With tact and “con gusto”

The choice and management of blends

The art of preparing the ground coffee

The choice of the grinder-dispenser

Trustworthiness of the brand and the assistance

Type and size

Types of grinding

Voltage and power

Automatic or not

Ease of cleaning


Getting the grinder-dispenser working

Preparing the coffee regulation

Cleaning and maintenance

Open questions on grinding and ground coffee

Choice and operation of the espresso machine

Choosing and installing the espresso machine

The choice

Installing the machine

Energy consumption of die machine when not in use

Softening the water

How to soften the water

Ideal level of water hardness

Use of the water softeners

When to renew the water softner

If the coffee tastes salty

The water boiler

Choice of the boiler

Inconsistent machine pressure

The espresso machine and water temperature

The correct temperature

Increase in temperature at peak working times

Weight of the units and consistent heat

The best type of heating

Pressure and the espresso machine

What you need to know about ideal pressure

The pressure gauge

What if the pressure supplied is not satisfactory?

The espresso machine and the filter-holders

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning of the units, the filters and the spout heads

What happens if you do not clean the machine?

Filter wear


The cup temperature

The “Professor” Barman

Fifteen terrible mistakes to upset a customer

The value of the brand

The enemies of the Italian bar

Coffee and health

A cup of coffee makes you feel better

An espresso in the evening?

Coffee: does it contribute to dietary antioxidants?

Caffeine or not?

On serving espresso

Sugar or no sugar, that is the question!

Cappuccinos and other preparations with espresso

Some ways of making espresso and the supremacy of espresso

When the coffee-beans used to be boiled

The great innovation: roasting

Grinding the beans: second essential step

To get rid of the dregs: but how?

A rich and full bodied instant coffee: the espresso

New roasting technique for the espresso

Guaranteeing the quality of the espresso: a real trial

A special roasting for the espresso beans

The final quality remains in the hands of the bar operator

The virtuosity of the grinder-dispenser

The genius in the machine

The weak links in die latest evolutionary chain

Beyond espresso: the most common ways of making coffee



With a glass “Boccia” (container)

Plunger filter

Neapolitan stvle coffee


The International Institute of Coffee Tasters

The National Institute of Italian Espresso